Friday, May 1, 2009

7-Not-visible representation

For this figure who identifies with the world/planet and not with the individual/self, what is the function of its image/representation? Her/his agentic subject, constituted from the symbolic/ imaginary order, remains — as a use-value for acting in the world — and her/his sphere of concern has expanded from the individual to the world/planet, much like a mother’s sphere of concern expands to her child after it is born. Her/his image, as a use-value for acting, is no longer identified with, as a politician would not identify with her/his media image that s/he is using to win an election (ideally that is). Her/his interior-public image becomes a mirror for others (in the sense of a mediator or therapist).

However if no exterior representation is offered, it would default to the hegemonic representation (i.e. heterosexual, male, white). Thus Spivak, despite objections from her readers that her following representation pluralizes but cannot be read as planetary, offers this oppositional one: 'the self as its othermost and blurring the outlines between that graphic and globalization'[14].

[14] Spivak, 100.

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